The Eye Gel You Never Knew You Needed. It's only RM15!

The Eye Gel You Never Knew You Needed. It's only RM15!

When people say you do not need eye cream, just use your moisturiser instead -well… they are not entirely wrong

If you look closely, the base ingredients of most eye products are somewhat similar to moisturisers or creams. However you would often see that eye products would be priced excessively higher compared to moisturiser in the name of ‘premium’ ingredients and other dubious reasons.

RM15 Eye Gel Deal! (click to shop)

Scrap all that! we are bringing you RM15 deal for an eye product that treat your eyebags and more! Puffy eyes, dark circle or sign of aging (wrinkles), the Hollaface Tranexamic Acid Brightening Gel Youth Hydrator (in short Tranexamic Acid Gel) is the perfect fit for you. The Tranexamic Acid Gel is a versatile gel that brighten, hydrate and tighten with multi use as your daily hydrator (perfect moisturiser for oily skin), brightening serum, dark spot corrector and an eye gel. It’s now available in 30mL and in mini 5mL perfect as your daily eye gel. With the mini 5mL, this can last you up to 1 month of usage when used specifically for the under-eyes.


Why Tranexamic Acid Gel is the perfect eye gel for you!

It’s all about the ingredients, Tranexamic Acid Gel is packed with 2% hydrating complex of Aquaxyl and Hyaluronic Acid paired with 1% Tranexamic Acid and 1% Alpha Arbutin as lightening ingredients -powerful at reducing the appearance of puffy eyes, dark circles and dark spots.

But what makes Tranexamic Acid Gel outstanding is this special ingredient called Honey Locust Seed Extract (tradename: Inst’tight). It’s a galactomannan that’s proven to provide high mechanical tension for skin tightening or skin smoothing effect. Overtime it reduces the appearance of fine lines! Younger you, Happier you!

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It’s also crazy lightweight, meaning you get uncompromising comfortability, fast absorption and less risk of pore congestion which can lead to milia.