Hollaface Palestine Campaign

On 26th January 2024, the International Court of Justice ruled that Israel must take immediate action to stop the ‘risk’ of genocide in Gaza (link to the ruling). Being a pariah state, Israel the occupying entity continues to ignore International laws manipulating itself as a victim -accusing any people against them as anti-Semitic while the world argues that their actions in Gaza has been indiscriminate, excessive and inhumane. The truth is Israel had already committed Genocide in Gaza and has been the case since decades ago as put forward by South Africa. (link to document) 

Hollaface stands on the right side of the history and call for a permanent ceasefire, allowing unlimited humanitarian aid and a liberated Palestine.

The situation in Gaza is horrendous. Israel’s complete blockade has resulted in the collapse of medical facilities and leaving millions in hunger. Moreover, Israel plan for grounds movement and intensified attacks in Rafah means it will be catastrophic as it is the last place of millions of Gazan taking refuge.

It is now more important than ever to take action, in solidarity, Hollaface is donating to 

  1. Palestine Action
  2. Medical Aid for Palestine

About Palestine Action UK

Palestine Action employs direct action campaign against Israel’s arms trade in the UK namely company like Elbit. The weapons supplied by these companies essentially being used to kill civilians hence complicit with the genocidal activities. Since its establishment in 2020, Palestine Action has managed to shut down 2 of many Elbit sites in the UK that caused million in losses. Donation help to fund activists facing legal battle for their disruptive actions. 

About Medical Aid for Palestine

The Honorary Patron is the inspiring Dr. Ang Swee Chai, Malaysia born Singaporean British who in 1982 volunteered as medical personnel witnessing Sabra and Shatilla massacres and has since being very active in the campaign for Palestinian’s rights. Medical Aid for Palestine provides essential health services for the vulnerable Palestinians in Gaza, West Bank and Lebanon

Read more and donate to Palestine Action UK legal fund


Read more and donate to Medical Aid for Palestine Gaza Emergency Appeal 


p.s: Hollaface’s donation does not represent support or endorsement on actions taken by the organisation.